Monday, March 10, 2014

Best stirrup covers

Pretty much totally unnecessary are stirrup covers. But man, are there some SUPER cute ones out there that bring out my inner child.
So when trying to decide what color/patterns I should get and who I should pick to make them, I came across a completely different design that I hadn't seen before. 

Enter Jump Girl. They are made from a velour type material which is very barn/hay/dirt friendly. It's elastic on the top and elastic on the bottom. 

You just open the top and pull them up the stirrup. Super easy. There's even a snap on the backside so you can snap the pair together so you don't lose one. The reason I choose this route was because I didn't want to have to tie or untie the bag each time. Someone had a toggle close version of the bag and that was at least a step up, though the ribbon ties are pretty darn girly-cute.

The best feature of Jump Girl's design is that I don't have a bag of dirt after I've used it a few times. I did remove the Jump Girl tag and am considering getting them monogrammed but of course I can't decide on a color or if I should do it at all - don't want them oddly stiff. I got navy for my jump saddle to go with my navy/blue show luggage colors and black ones for my dressage saddle.

On my saddle. Would you do navy, black, white monogram - or none?
Jump Girl doesn't have a huge selection of color/patterns, but honestly, it kinda made it easier for me to pick, lol. I got the smalls which were recommended for my MDCs. And I think they are priced just right. Obviously someone could make these themselves, but I don't really sew. ;)

I do put them on/off every time I ride, but if I didn't, I would definitely use them for shows because then my saddle is moving around more and usually on its nose in my tack box, etc, so more flailing around of my stirrups, even under a cover.


  1. I had my mom make me stirrup covers that go all the way over the pommel. I love it!

  2. Are you wanting to do a small monogram or a large one?