Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lasting a Lesson

I had a lesson on Tuesday and it started pouring at the start of my hour so we stayed indoors and flatted. It's always a good lesson on the flat, even though I never want to, I always walk away knowing it was well worth it. The best part was that I lasted the WHOLE hour, riding nearly every minute of it, only a few tiny breaks and I wasn't very winded and my legs were totally happy. Sam, of course, looked like he didn't work at all - darn him! Never barely breaks a sweat.

So yay for my fitness! I've also lost 8lbs since Aug 1.

Gratuitous photo of Sam modeling his new rain sheet, though it is 100g so I'm not sure you can call it lite. :)

Horseware Amigo Bravo 12, 100g with added 0g neck - best price at Pinnacle Horseware


  1. Love the sheet. :) Glad you are riding well and feeling good.

  2. Love the pic! Congrats on losing weight.

    Paola @