Monday, September 30, 2013

L to R Flying Change!

Saturday, I had the indoor flat lesson and we worked on straightness for the L to R flying change that we never get (not since spring 2012). I felt we were making some progress with this new approach and my new positioning.

Sunday, I rode bareback indoors and also worked on flying changes. I worked on duplicating what I do from R to L changes (which are TOO EASY!) and keeping him very straight. I did get one rear change, but we didn't quite get the front. But more progress.

Today, I rode indoors in tack and asked for flying changes again. EVERYTIME he gave me an immediate rear change and 3/5 times I got a front change a step later - twice I got the front 2-3 strides later.

YAY!! SO SO HAPPY! He got lots of praise, so hopefully he's catching on that I want a flying change, not a simple change. I plan to ride again tonight and just warmup, do some changes and be done. Going outside to work on changes will present new challenges as the lack of smaller arena and walls won't make it obvious what I want, but at least we are talking the same language now.  :)

Flying change from last Nov. He gets some serious air most of the time. Happy to say, I ride it better now :)


  1. Lead changes are tricky... and I feel like something different works for each horse. Glad that you and Sam are on the same page now!!

    1. Today we added in jumping (still indoors) and I got zero L to R flying changes. *supersadface*
      Back to bareback tomorrow.

  2. Good to hear that Sam is doing pretty good at flying changes. I don't know much about dressage moves, but I know enough that those are hard!