Monday, September 2, 2013

Stealth pony

Today I rode with my friend Amy. We flatted, we jumped and then we walked the 7 acre trail under the trees. It was lovely. 

Afterwards, Amy and I were lunching and hanging out. I'd walk past Sam's stall several times. He'd be in his usual 'napping' corner with his bum to the window facing front, but in the back of the stall. 

A few times I walked by and didn't say anything so I didn't disturb him (ie. make him move). 
Then I realized that even though I was walking by, he definitely noticed it was me and he was keeping tabs. It was so cute because he's only 15.2hh, his eye just clears the wall with his neck stretched up. Watching.

'Player' wanted to see if my phone was a treat and stealth pony Sam was making sure I wasn't giving any pony his treats.

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