Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream Division

Lauren at She Moved to Texas started a Hunter Princess blog hop, so I'm jumping in!

Week 1 - What is your dream division?

Well, I guess I'd like to do an 'official' division, not 'baby' divisions. And that usually starts around 2'6" I believe. Then I'll feel like I've arrived.

I'm finally past nearly two years of 18" and just today, I registered for 2' - 2'3" division in October. YAY! It will be our biggest yet. Well, for me anyway. I know my horse as jumped at least 2'6" already. Here's proof:

My Sam & pro trainer of his previous owner, jumping 2'6" at a show. Pro is over 6' tall hehe.


  1. Thanks for joining! He looks adorable at 2'6" :) Congrats on signing up for the 2'-2'3". I'm doing my first 2'3" in September and am already a little nervous ha.

    1. I've been surprised at how much easier it is to jump 2'-2'3" then less then 2'. Not that I don't have a millions things to think about or work on, but it just a smoother ride - which I think helps some of the scary. Plus I think my horse REALLY likes that we've moved up.