Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oooo, ahhhhh

My favorite pad company, Lettia (by UnionHill) is now making 1/2 pads. They are very inexpensive with a cute fur trim, but uses CoolMax as the underside - which is probably why they are cheaper then average. I have several of their square pads with the CoolMax and find it to be very nice for my horse.

Most of the time people don't use their fleece 1/2 pads directly on their horse's back - so they aren't getting the benefits of it anyway - so why pay for it?

I haven't seen these in person, but I'm very excited for a nice alternative. And because their pads are such a nice quality, I imagine these are as well.

You can buy them direct: http://lettia.shptron.com/c/saddle-pads_all-purpose_half-pad

Speaking of pads, my newer CoolMax ICE baby pad is MIA :(
I love this design of the girth strap, btw. It lines up so nicely.

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  1. Lettia is my fav saddle pad company as well! Great minds think alike!