Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm too sexy for my boots

Tredstep Donatello Field Boot
Available @ SmartPak
Show season is nearly here and this year I've finally invested in tall boots. I seem to have short legs from knee to ankle but wider calves, so based on measurements I could never find anything off the shelf. But recently, based on outstanding reviews, I ordered Tredstep Donatello Field Boots.

At most, I thought they might be too tall. But with the lifts that come with them and some breaking in that will drop them a bit, I think they might be just fine. :D  So don't be afraid to take a chance, esp with SmartPak's awesome return policy. I never would have guessed an 18" tall boot would work on my measured 16.5" - so something's not perfect about the system. I thought maybe they measured from the spanish top, but it's 18" from the inside.

I plan to start riding in them this week since my first show is only 2 weeks away. They are fabulous walking around in my house. The leather is very nice and I'm a leather snob. I can also tell they will break in very easily which must have something to do with that flex area build into the ankle. Love them already - but riding will be the real test :)

Kensington SmartBlue® Boot Bag
Best part is I used a gift certificate I got for Christmas to help defray the cost. But even so, they seem well worth the price point. Two boot bags should arrive this week. I'm hoping the Kensington SmartBlue® will be tall enough, reviews weren't specific on the exact height but it should be a close fit.

Update: The Kensington bag was a perfect fit for my boots, which was awesome because it matches the rest of my 'travel bags' for shows.

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