Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A wee foray into jumpers

This past weekend Sam and I entered a low key jumpers schooling show. We jumped an easy 18" and had clean rounds. We got to try gamblers in which I learned I should circle tightly to the left on Sam, not to the right, his stiffer side because otherwise we overshoot the next jump.

I knew going into the weekend that we were not in top form having reduced our ride days these past 3 months of winter. But we went well until class 6 which was a W/T/C Equitation and the judge was vicious by making us trot forever posting, then sitting and right into 2-point, each several large arena laps - in both directions. My legs were both burning and jello at the same times. By the time we got to the canter segment, of which we had a break since they divided us into two groups and my group got to rest first (THANK GOODNESS) I was wiped and so was Sam.

We cantered his easy way first to the left, including a few laps of extended canter (at noobie rider level?!). When we went right, a few strides after I asked, Sam put up a little fit and tried to run out left in the big curve while humping a bit nearly pinning a large grey horse and his rider into the wall. Sam was breathing quickly and loudly... I didn't blame him, I was too! We managed to regroup and finish, but I knew we definitely were going to have be penalized for the outburst. We took 4th out of 10 riders.

Sam was sweaty around his ears (he rarely ever sweats) and we were both kaput. We scratched our last 7th class which was a gambler round at a larger height.

We had fun, was late for the first time to a class (Sam had a muddy potty escapade) and I managed to feel in control even though Sam was strong to all the jumps. :D

Here's a video of one of our rounds. I thought we were going a pretty good clip while I was riding but watching the video, I can see why we do hunters and not jumpers :)

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