Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A new schedule

Today in my jump lesson my trainer and I discussed a plan to incorporate some longline days into Sam's schedule (my least favorite activity) to help his fitness.

Of course there will be days off, as the bullets at the bottom suggest it's only a 5-6 day work week. But I've put what I am able to do on each day, longline on the days I have less time. If life gets in the way, that will be day off and I'll just pick back up on the next day. If I fill the week with every day at the barn, then we'll take the next Sunday off so we max out at 6 days for that week.

October 2012


Sunday          ride
Monday         longline/lunge
Tuesday         jump lesson
Wednesday    ride
Thursday        longline/lunge
Friday             ride
Saturday         jump lesson

Minimum Requirements

    Longline/Lunge 1-2x week
    Jump lessons 2x week
    Flat/jump rides 2x week 

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