Friday, February 22, 2013

Got Tack?!

The following is a list of about 98% of my tack and horse clothes. I have other random items like whips and spurs, or like surcingles that I've had since my first horse but haven't used since.

I had to start keeping a list on my phone so I knew what sizes to buy or not buy stuff and what stuff I actually already owned (!). It actually comes in handy often and I try to keep it updated when I buy/sell or just retire stuff. It does make it easy to run through the list and decide I don't need some items and should sell them.

My new Black Country saddles
Without the list I would forget I ever owned them and they'd sit around until I found them at which point they'd be obsolete. Precisely why I'm going to sell my Equifit boots since they ended up being big on my horse. Technology/designs change (there's new Equifits coming out next month) and to recoup the most, I need to sell while it's relevant. I was going to save for a future horse, but that could be years.

I'll probably keep my phone list current and at some point this one will be dated, but it will be interesting to see how I swap out my stuff. I've already changed saddles in Sept 2012.

Interesting fact: I used to own the domain,

This is 99% of my tack. Updated 8/20/14

ME - items specifically sized to me
  • Charles Owen 6 7/8 AYR8 black/black, velvety straps 2010
  • Grand Prix leather halfchaps, 16"x15", black
  • SSG gloves, 7 - Technical 8500, Digital 2100, All Weather 9000, Hybrid 4200 for shows
  • SSG safety glasses, clear/yellow/smoke, many pairs
ME - shows
  • Ariat Covington Half Chap, Black, MS (med/short)
  • Mountain Horse Richmond Field Boots, 39 Short/Regular, black
  • Ladies RJ Classics Xtreme Collection Washable Show Coat, 14 Regular, navy solid w/ navy lining


  • Loxley Jump LX, 17.5, MW, cocoa brown with red welting, antique printed flaps
  • MDC Ultimate irons 4.5, silver
  • Arc De Triomphe calfskin leathers 48", brown
  • Arc De Triomphe girth, 'shaped' anatomic, brown, 44" (measures 45)
  • SmartPak Harwich bridle, padded fancy stitch w laced reins, cob, brown
  • Pessoa Magic Copper Moon Dee Bit, 5 1/4" x2
  • Veredus Olympus open fr boots, small
  • Davis bell boot, Med, black
  • Ogilvy Jump MemoryFoam halfpad, large, black w/ green trim
  • SmartPak Lite AP white pads: royal 'Sam', royal circle monogram, burgundy diamond monogram
  • Joules AP pad: purp/pink/blue
  • Lettia AP pad: baker plaid, baker tartan plaid, turquoise w pink crown
  • Lettia CoolMax Pro Series AP pads: royal, red, hunter
  • Lettia CoolMax ICE AP pad: teal, electric blue
  • Padded Ponies custom pad: gray/yellow/aqua floral, red/black/grey dragon, navy/orange/aqua paisley
--Bareback & Lunge--
  • Parelli Bareback Pad, tan
  • Classic Equine Alpaca Cinch, natural, 24”
  • Lettia cotton AP pad: orange tie-dye, brown tie-dye
  • Camelot Web Training Surcingle, natural/green, full size
  • Cotton web lunge line with donut, 35' long, ice green
  • Happy Mouth shaped mullen king Dee Bit, 5.5"
  • Black Country Eloquence, 17.5, M, black
  • MDC Ultimate irons 4.25, black
  • Arc De Triomphe calfskin leathers 54", black
  • Delfina anatomic leather girth, black, 22"
  • Stubben 1700 dressage bridle, cob, black (no reins)
  • French link bit 5.25"
  • Browband 14.5-15, Pink Equine Pony size
  • Arc De Triomphe calfskin, hidden stop, reins - 2 sets, black
  • Lettia coolmax dressage pad: purple
  • Lettia baby pad: white w/ FH logo
  • PRI pads, dressage: red/yellow/royal
--Show specific tack--
  • ADT Gazelle fancy stitched bridle with plain laced reins, cob, dark brown
  • Black Country girth, anatomic, brown, 46" (measures 45.5)
  • Fleeceworks FXK Halfpad with Plain Edge, white, size reg (FWXK-6/B)
  • Quillin leather halter, mare size, black/silver ‘Samoa Star'
  • Stanley 37 in. Mobile Job Box - Model # 037025H
  • Kensington SmartBlue® Plaid
    • Grooming Tote 
    • All Purpose Saddle Bag
    • Halter Bridle Bag
    • Helmet Case
    • Boot Bag
    • Garment/Chap Bag
    • Tote Bag (daily use)
  • Steffen Peters Dressage Show Pad: white
  • Quillin leather turnout halter, mare size, black "SAM"
  • Rambo mesh scrim, 75" - navy
  • Rambo stable sheet 75" - navy whitney stripe
  • Rambo stable blanket 75" - navy whitney stripe
  • Rambo fleece cooler 75" - navy whitney stripe
  • Rambo fleece qtr sheet, large - navy whitney stripe
  • Rambo waterproof qtr sheet, large - navy, gray trim
  • Kensington catch flymask, black, large, x4
  • Rambo Fly sheet 72" oatmeal w/ neck
  • Rambo Supreme lite (nofil) blk/gold turnout  w/ neck 75"
  • Rambo Supreme medium (200fil) turnout w/ neck 75" - blk/blk x2
  • Rambo Liner, 75” 100fil, navy
--Spare tack--
  • Arc De Triomphe Imperial bridle w reins, cob, brown - NWT
  • Arc De Triomphe Imperial bridle w ADT calfskin hidden stop reins, cob, brown
  • Courbette x-fine high raised bridle with reins, cob, berber brown F6675 - used 6 times
  • Arc De Triomphe calfskin stirrup leathers 54", brown
  • Wintec dressage girth, 22", 24", 28"
  • Weaver nylon halter, avg 800-1100lbs, matching leads - red, royal, pumpkin, lime
  • Weaver Jeremiah Watt halter, avg 800-1100lbs, no leads - red, royal
  • Happy Mouth Shaped Mullen loose ring bit, 5.5"
  • Korsteel kimberwick mullen, no holes, 5.5"
  • Cashel flymask Horse size
  • Kensington Natural flymask, black, large - velcro needs fixing
  • Davis bell boots Med, red/hunter/royal/black/silver glitter/teal/orange  (bottoms trimmed to the velcro) - for use with no pads
  • Centaur XL pull on boots blk x1.5
  • Moxie Racing Techno-Sheet, 75" - black, NEW
  • Dover wool dress sheet, blk with royal trim and white piping, 74"
  • MDC irons 4.5, 1.75 silver (older spare set, rubber is cracking) - lent to Amy
  • Black/Blue dressage bridle, cob, black
  • white unicorn horn with black browband

--Spare Pads--
  • Back on Track AP pad, white, NEW
  • Lettia CoolMax BABY AP pad with wither relief, white NEW
  • Lettia CoolMax BABY AP pad with wither relief: black
  • Lettia BABY AP pad: navy w green trim & whale
  • Fleeceworks FXK Halfpad with front & rear rolls, white, regular (FWXK-6/C/RG)
  • Fleeceworks FXK Halfpad with plain edge, amber brown, large
--Spare other items --
  • Rambo Supreme surcingles only (from 75" sheet)
  • Amigo navy/red cooler 75” (cats using it)

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