Saturday, June 8, 2013

A bit blue

Quick show this morning. Great jump rides, sad about the flat placings, but considering I was spent after my last jump ride, I guess I wasn't at my best. Had a long warmup this morning as it felt great, but guess I used nearly all the gas in my tank. Both my legs were asleep when I got off after my last class. But Sam was great today, listening very well - not something I always get at a show.
  1. Un-Judged Schooling Hunter 18”
  2. 2nd Green Rider Hunter O/F 18”
  3. 1st Green Rider Hunter O/F 18”
  4. 2nd Green Rider Equitation O/F 18”
  5. 6th Green Rider Hunter U/S
  6. 5th Green Rider Equitation Flat
Ribbons to 5th, so it was my first show without a ribbon. And another show in a row with only one blue. But at least the blue was in my VERY best ride to-date hands down. It felt great and a well deserved win. Here's that ride: