Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweet week

I had a great jump lesson on Saturday. We worked on distances between crossrails at the trot and canter, both in collection and regular. Sam was kind enough to offer leads when I yielded him, even if he didn't always get it right. :)

We then jumped in between sets of crossrails, effectively making figure 8s. We had several really nice distances. I still forget to count if I'm doing a course, but I imagine that will come in time.

I've only ridden dressage once over the last 8 weeks. Sam had that hoof bruise for three weeks, then I was busy getting my jump position back. I had a dressage lesson the week before and my posting trot was just all over the place. Doesn't help that a few weeks ago my jump trainer hiked up stirrups again, so hanging my legs long isn't really in my vocabulary right now. I took myself off the lesson rotation for now. I want to spend some time just getting familiar again. I like to be a very good student, which translates to practice 'at home' and bring my best work to class.

I'm excited for this week's jump lessons (I take jump lessons every Tues & Sat). Tuesday will be more confidence building - which I had lost during Sam's time off. But on Saturday, Christmas eve, we'll be having a group 'fun time' with my trainer and several other students all riding together. Maybe we can do a little drill team action as well :D
Sam won't eat these.

Sam LOVES these.
On Saturday, a barn buddy was saying how none of the horses except one liked the treats she just got. I was puffed how Sam would like it. He's a notorious treat-monger and unabashed beggar. So, she gave him one. Then he literally spit it out onto the ground. Wow. They smelled like they'd be yummy, but I wasn't going to try it. If it's not good enough for Sam... Luckily for him I had his trusty peppermint stick waiting in the wings.

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