Thursday, December 22, 2011

Back to Bliss

Yesterday was the second riding day in a row and Antsy-Pants was back. So, I worked on schooling him with lots of leg yielding. But I could still feel the energy bundled somewhere beneath the sound of his grinding teeth. But at least I wasn't scared to take charge which is exactly what I did. After all, I wanted Antsy-Pants to move out. So I worked him to a pretty good sweat. Both of us really. He had a nice roll afterwards and even some carrots.

Today was day three-in-a-row. Today, I immediately knew Saint-Sam was back. In fact, he was summer-loving, Sleepy-Sam. PERFECT. Instead of getting a mini rocket ship when I asked for big steps, I could feel how he was safe and solid. Even his ears were doing a lot more listening my direction then they have of late.

After our ride today... so happy.
We did work a little yielding at the very beginning. But after some trot work, I was brave and jumped without supervision over several jumps. Sam was his angel self today. I was so happy. I gave him the reins and leaned down and hugged my pony. YAY, he's back. Just gotta keep him here. :D

I bet it had nothing to do with riding three-in-a-row and also not during dinner time, but instead it was all because we had a chat before I got on. I told Sam that I wasn't ready to move up yet and I wanted Saint-Sam today. Yep, that was it. :)

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