Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Padding along

Because I know better, I decided to get a Thinline bareback pad instead of the Parelli recommended by my trainer. I've even used her Parelli on a previous horse. But no, no... I scour the internet and decide to spend a little less and try to get a little more bang. Said pad arrived today so I hop to the barn to take it for a spin.

Thinline Comfort Plus,
best pricing from:
It fits ok. The back is really skinny looking, I'm not even sure my butt is going to fit. I do use a pad underneath to keep it clean. Probably a good idea because I had to girth it almost to the last holes. I do like the girthing system and that it comes with a girth - that was part of the appeal. I get on and it's cushy enough I guess. Here's where I point out that Sam is SUPER comfy bareback. I have no problem riding without a pad - I'm just looking for some extra stick and some appropriate cush to keep us both happy longterm.

We go round and round in the arena. Nothing more then a walk since I'm not ready to trot yet. Only trotted bareback on a lunge with prior horse. And then I start noticing my tailbone. Like, I can tell I have one. I can feel it. I reach back and there seems to be a ton of padding right there.

So I take off the pad and get back on with nothing. Ahhhh. And I'm sticking fairly well, even in my jeans. I can feel my tailbone, but probably because I'm aware of it now. Reaching back, I realize it's right where Sam's spine is. By itself, no biggie. With AP pad and Thinline panels inside bareback pad, I'd say it's an extra inch added. And the Thinline is bend centrally up right, uh... there.

Parelli pad on someone's cute pon-eh. 
The pad was shipped folded in half and it's winter, so it's cold (like 35 degrees) so it's not molded to the horse's back or anything, so it definitely had some peakness to it. But aside from that, it just seemed proportionally wrong from my view while I was sitting on it. It didn't roll and seemed to stick really well.

That's probably my biggest fear of the Parelli because that uses a different girthing system - which rolls on a stablemate's horse. But that rider actually jumps in the Parelli, so it can't be all bad.

Plus Parelli offers a free 30 day membership during which I can buy the pad for the member price which saves like $70. And free shipping this week. Merry Christmas to me, and Sam too. :)

I still like the overall idea of the Thinline pad, but perhaps it's just not the best combo for me and my horse. Or maybe in the summer it will fit better. I do use an Ultra Thinline pad under my jump saddle, so I do believe in the product. I guess it's time to find the perfect western girth and pay homage to my wise trainer.

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