Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Goals in Review

The year is complete and here's how this year's goals stacked up, excuses and all. :)

  1. Post the trot for 5 minutes, walk break, post for 5 more minutes - I honestly don't know because I haven't tried to do it. I certainly haven't trained specifically for it, which was the intended format. So I guess it's technically a fail.
  2. Reliable left to right flying change - ACCOMPLISHED over summer, and we have 100%
  3. School a course of all 2’6” jumps - ACCOMPLISHED Aug 2. I jumped my PR that day and all the jumps were at least 2'3", if not all 2'6" and up. I feel the average of the jumps factors in, lol.
    • Show locally, hunters 2’6” - Because I didn't show all year until Oct, I didn't move up to 2'6" yet. So this will have to be slated for next year AGAIN. Hopefully I will have funding.
  4. Jump 24” bareback - ACCOMPLISHED over summer
    • Jump 24” bareback and bridle-less, neck rope ok - I did jump bridle-less, but I believe it was a little X. I found out that Sam goes wherever he wants when bridle-less, so we've been working on seat/leg only while warming up - with loose rein as backup. I feel this is a goal we can easily get this coming year. We just weren't ready.
  5. Weigh-in at 155 pounds - Not even close. I actually put back on the 10lbs I lost late the year before. :(   I am starting a new program next week, an actual program, so not only will this goal be on my list next year, I seek to make it even smaller. My normal, pre-children/old age weight was 135.


  1. You still did very well this year :) What didn't happen will in 2015!

  2. yay for crossing so much off your list! great goals - and wishing you the best in 2015!