Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Catching up

I have been so busy and yet not. I was traveling last weekend for kid's sport, nose surgery tomorrow for my kid's broken nose from said sport, more serious job hunting, tire issues on my car, traveling again this weekend for in-law family funeral. Whew!

I just haven't felt like blogging. But I have been riding! I've been working on not roaching my lower back over jumps as was pointed out by my trainer when I stole jumps* during Amy's lesson on Saturday.

While at the tire place today, I read April and May's Practical Horseman. There were several good articles that were very relevant to my riding. I felt inspired. Plus looking at prizelists of shows I'm not going to, I'd have to jump either 2' or 2'6". Only one show has a 2-2'3". Since I'm now jumping full courses of 2'3", I better get my butt in gear so I don't HAVE to jump 2' because I wasn't better prepared.

So today, I jumped 2'8". BOOYAH!
New PR: 2'8" - look at my tiny tiny horse compared to the jump!
We trotted in first two times. First time was a little low on the landing. HOLY COW! At this height, there really is a buck on the other side of the jump! I was prepared round two, so we were PERFECT! So I decided I needed a canter in there, so we cantered in and LOVELY! Solid.

Of course, I was repeating, 'chest up, heels down' the WHOLE way to the jump each time. I was so happy and Sam seemed to enjoy it too.

Afterwards, I cleaned his boy parts (bad mom for waiting so long) and then cleaned and conditioned my saddle. And because I love my pretty, pretty saddle which I haven't fallen out of yet (purchased in Dec) because it works for me so awesomely, I took a picture.

Loxley Jump LX by Bliss of London - actual color

And because I super love it, I took a glamour shot outside in the sunset. Tack ho's unite!

Soooo pretty..... (sun enhanced red)
Probably won't ride tomorrow, but plan to jump again on Thursday evening before I watch Amy's dressage lesson. :)

Random photo of current course setup. I plan to make some major furniture changes, of which will include a three jump in-n-out gymnastic (because they give me confidence) in the next few days weeks.
I used to be totally scared of that red jump when it was touching the ground. I jumped all that stuff today - easy.

*term I use to jump her jumps between her rounds, helps me get some pro eyes on me from time to time to make sure I'm on the right path - only with her approval :)


  1. Great job!! And what a lovely saddle... I love my Wintec, but.... *drool...*

  2. YAY for your new record!!

  3. Love the new PR! :) Go girl!

  4. Your saddle looks very comfy, and I love your barn!