Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bit It Up Blog Hop

This week Viva Carlos asks, what bit do you ride your current beastie in and why?

For jumping I started Sam in a Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Aurigan Eggbutt Style Bit. I liked the concept of the design and because I rode in the loose ring version for dressage, it made sense to me at the time to use the same bit. Keep in mind I had never jumped before.
Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Aurigan Eggbutt Style Bit

But after some pulling and humping issues while jumping (which was very related to unknown poor saddle choice of a 'whack his back' Flair saddle) my trainer suggested something much more useful to get a whoa when I needed it. She let me borrow hers and I was eventually convinced to buy my own. They were hard to find in D ring style - for some reason loose ring versions were everywhere - so I bought two. That was about two years ago and now they are impossible to find (though some brands are making similar versions now).

The Pessoa Magic Copper Moon Dee Bit is awesome in that it is a joined bit for independent rein use, but locks to act like a mullen when engaged with both reins and creates pretty nice stopping power.

Pessoa Magic Copper Moon Dee Bit
I've been using this bit for the last two years for jumping and it's just the right balance of being light and easy to communicate but stronger when I need it. 

I sold off both my HS bits and went to a Happy Mouth Mullen loose ring for dressage for a while, because the HS let him duck behind the vertical much too easily. And now he goes (if we actually ride dressage) in a random double jointed loose ring. I also have a Happy Mouth D for lunging/long-lining.

I literally own 5 bits, two of which are duplicate.


  1. That magic copper moon d bit has a cool center piece!