Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project B, for bungee

The new trailer has double doors. The left door is a little tight and stays put. The right door just likes to hang, like in the photo below. There's no attachment system in place. And I'm too lazy to walk in the tack room, pull out some bungees then walk to each side of the trailer and attach them. Then I'd have to put them back after closing up the trailer. UGH.

So I made one.

Project B in use
Yes, that is a teeny, tiny, dog ball that I cut, wrapped around the end of the bungee and super glued shut.

Project B, not in use
I also closed the hanging hook end so it wouldn't fly off during travel. 
Why the ball? So I don't scratch up the trailer of course. It's also really handy grab spot when hooking onto the door. ;D 

I do plan to store them in the tack room when the trailer is parked for prolonged periods of time. I wouldn't want random dogs jumping up onto my trailer... or my border collie staring at it all day long when it's parked at my house.

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  1. Ingenius! We have the same problem with our tack area door.