Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Trails!

I've had 2 other trailers before. One when I used to ride in early 2000 that was a 2H straight load with a manger. My 14'2hh Arab barely fit in it. I stuffed a tab bit taller leopard appy I purchased in it and while backing down the driveway she somehow got her leg stuck on top of the manager. Cut up her leg and my new cheap 2nd horse became pricey. She ended up being ok. When I got out of horses, I sold the trailer to a lady who had ponies.

Then, when I started riding again 2.5 years ago, I had nothing for the first year until lessons were no longer available at the barn. I had to haul out and the BO sold me an old 2H straight that had no manger/tack area, just a chest bar and no center divider or pole, just a single butt bar that attached in the center and a ramp. It was light and airy and my 16hh Appy mare had no problem hopping right on. Except the day I was gifting her back to an old owner. Then she decided to break the breakaway and turn herself around in it.

Truth told, I had a bit of trouble with this trailer. The coupler decided to hop off my tow ball while trailering it empty up a hill and it damaged my truck's bumper so I couldn't tow with it anymore but we added a pin in the sleeve so it couldn't do that anymore. And the day I dropped off my mare to her new home, on the way back to my barn, the ramp just dropped down while I was driving.

So when I got my current gelding and he so nicely hauled the 3 hours home in my friends roomy 3H Morganbuilt slant I was a little miffed he wouldn't load into my little, but airy trailer to get him from my house to the barn. It took a long time. And then he was hard to load when I went trail riding with a friend and even longer to bring him home again. He was never nervous or mad, just avoiding and running out as fast as he could.

He would load in my trainer's 2H slant for practice and my friends 3H slant for a show this summer. But he wouldn't load in the BO's really nice Sundowner 2H straight, and he still wouldn't get in mine. Apparently he has better self preservation then my mare or could tell my trailer has had some bad mojo. So I sold it to a friend who had been coveting its small size. That was last summer. I knew I probably wouldn't need a trailer of my own until show season this spring and I don't like to borrow stuff. So I had time to save and shop.

Let me just say there are not a lot of 2H slants out there, compared to 3H & 4H. But I finally found a near perfect match. The only difference is that I was looking for a single door and this one is double. But it's made by a reputable company and that means a lot to me. And the price was right, though I spent more then I originally intended, but you can't always control the market.

All that led me to my 3rd trailer new to me which I hope to have for a long time. That COWGIRL UP and paint stickers are not staying ;)

Yay! I have a new trailer and freedom!

My new trailer. Sam better like it!!

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